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Elementary School provides a warm and loving environment where students collaborate sensibly, think innovatively, reason critically, and communicate efficiently. The curriculum for students in the Elementary School emphasizes foundational skills in subject areas and introduces higher-level skills to challenge students and cultivate their interests and thinking.

Our Elementary School classes follow the California

Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and English Social Studies.
We follow the Next Generation Science Standards in Science. We are aligned with the MOE curriculum for Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, and Islamic subjects. Elements of UAE heritage, history, and Islamic culture are incorporated during teaching and learning activities across all disciplines.


Students in Elementary take core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies) taught by class teachers, and specialist classes taught by subject specialists in Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, Islamic, ICT, Music, Art, Physical Education, and French. Our lower elementary English classes are supported by the use of the Reading A-Z program to help foster student achievement in reading. Our upper elementary English classes are supported by the use of Achive3000, an online balanced literacy program that is utilized both in school and at home.

Our curriculum fosters the concept that learning will be enjoyable and worthwhile throughout students’ lives. Students are provided with opportunities to showcase their many talents, communication skills, and leadership qualities through academic and extra-curricular activities.

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