High School


SAIS-Abu Dhabi curriculum does more than prepare students for success at the college level; it helps them develop into independent, creative thinkers who will positively influence the world around them.

The high school curriculum seeks to further develop critical thinking, advanced writing, and creative reasoning skills across all subject areas. High school students, in their course of study, will gain knowledge in fundamental areas as well as develop a sense of their own strengths and interests — skills that are essential to success in college.

All students are expected to work to their greatest potential and challenge themselves as they select their courses. A wide variety of electives allow each student to explore and expand their interests. Electives are designed to enhance our program and to allow students the flexibility to discover and nurture their abilities and interests.

SAIS-Abu Dhabi is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards & the Next Generation Science Standards; we follow a standards-based grading scale helping to prepare students for college and careers beyond high school.

The minimum graduation credit requirement for SAIS-AUH high school students is 25 credits in a four-year program.