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Our SAIS-Abu Dhabi campus believes in providing structure for the child and guiding the learning process while meeting the individual emotional and social needs of each child. Our staff strives to provide love and organization; there is a balance between relaxed social times and organized group activities.

Our expert faculty and staff combine a variety of teaching approaches and curriculum programs that are matched to each developmental stage in order to ignite a student's curiosity and natural love for learning.

Whilst we support students’ acquisition of their mother language, we also lay the foundation for them as they acquire a second language. Our English Jolly Phonics program helps students develop their phonic skills using a story-based approach. This program is multi-sensory and students learn through music, actions, movement, song, art, games, and role-play.

KG Programs

  • Daily visits to the STEAM Lab.

  • Music: a balance of music and movement, percussion instruments, sound, and pattern reproduction; lessons are a minimum of once per week.

  • Social development: interacting with peers, conflict resolution, building self-confidence, speaking in front of the class.

  • Literacy room visits: respond to storytelling, sequence events in the story, use of illustration in storytelling, create an original story, curriculum is also taught during literacy time; visits are a minimum of three times per week.

  • Physical education (PE): perform and enjoy physical activities, understand rules, concepts, and strategies, work as a team and as an individual.

  • lessons are a minimum of once per week.

  • The Language of Art: in-depth, hands-on exploration of ten core art media while learning about actual artists; lessons will be integrated with other subjects.

  • Kindergarten level language arts: letter and sound recognition, phonics, high-frequency words, and word families.

  • Kindergarten level writing: letter and number formation, journal writing, writing words and phrases, sentence structure.

  • Kindergarten level math: sorting and classifying, patterns and movement, matching and counting, numbers, geometry, and equal parts, money, measurement, time, exploring addition, and subtraction.

  • Science: our environment, physical principles

  • Social studies: safety, the community, UAE culture

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