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Personal Finance:

In this introductory finance course, students learn basic principles of economics and best practices for managing their own finances. Students learn core skills in creating budgets, developing long-term financial plans to meet their goals, and making responsible choices about income and expenses. They gain a deeper understanding of investments, stock markets, and other systems so they can better understand their role in the economy of society. Students are inspired by the experiences of finance professionals and stories of everyday people and the choices they make to manage their money.


Shark Tank:

This course is designed to expose students as young entrepreneurs. Students will have the opportunity to pick pre-existing issues in the world, through their previous knowledge they will create their own product/service. Real-world entrepreneurs and business experts from inside and outside UAE will serve as mentors and coaches to guide the teams through the process of ideation, scientific research, and business plan development. Over the course of the year, students will work in a team to make their idea come to life and then pitch their idea to a group of judges that is composed of different professionals from different fields – similar to the concept of “Shark Tank”.

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